What is better, a wireless or wired connection?

Wired connections are more reliable and provide dedicated high-speed network access. Wireless connections utilize a shared radio medium so performance will be affected by a variety of factors, such as number of users in a service area, radio interference, and signal strength.

Why is my wireless connection unreliable?

A number of factors can interfere or affect the quality of a wireless signal:

  • Number of users connecting to an access point – Wireless is a shared media so the number of wireless clients associated to an access point will affect the overall throughput and performance experienced by each client.
  • Radio frequency interference – Interference from another radio source using the same frequency as a wireless access point will negatively affect performance of a wireless network.  Some common sources of wireless interference are Bluetooth devices, rogue wireless networks, cordless phones, florescent lights, and microwave ovens.
  • Signal strength – Physical obstructions between a wireless device and an access point can absorb or deflect the wireless signal resulting in poor signal strength.  Common obstructions are walls, floors, furniture and appliances.

Do I have to logon to the UCONN-GUEST Wireless login page every time I want use the Internet from a hotspot?

Yes, the authentication system will require you to login via a web page each time you start a wireless session.

Can I use a static IP address on the UCONN-SECURE or UCONN-GUEST wireless network?

No. IP address reservations are not available for wireless networks.

How do I make a request to get wireless network service installed in my office or building?

Open an IT Project Request via serviceit.uconn.edu. Include the following information about your project:
Contact information, building name, room number (or specific locations for coverage), any applications requirements, estimated number of users, etc. This information will be used to help design and recommend the best solution for your needs.

Should I install a wireless network or access point in my dorm or office?

No. Wireless access points should be installed by UITS Network Operations. If you need a new Access Point, or an upgrade in wireless service, please submit a Service Ticket via serviceit.uconn.edu.

How can I prioritize the wireless networks so my device automatically connects to the network of my choice?

UConn does not control how wireless clients and operating systems prioritize the wireless networks available. UConn broadcasts production wireless networks concurrently. To ensure that your device connects to a specific network, remove the other wireless profiles or consult the user manual for your device.

Where on the wireless webpage can I check the network status?

The status of UConn networks and IT services is on itstatus.uconn.edu.